Geoffrey Young wrote:

Stas Bekman wrote:
I was trying to get GET, POST and other Apache::TestRequest methods to
accept a pre-existing HTTP::Request object, rather than pass arguments
that will construct one.

The reason, I was trying to use HTML::TreeBuilder and
HTTP::Request::Form to fill-out a form and submit that, rather than raw
POST, e.g.:
have you tried mech for this? I haven't but have always wanted to

What difference does it make?
my $content = get_content($url);

my $tree = HTML::TreeBuilder->new;

my @forms = $tree->find_by_tag_name('form');
die "What, no forms in $url?" unless @forms;
my $f = HTTP::Request::Form->new($forms[0], $url);
$f->field("foo", $foo);
$f->field("bar", $bar);
my $req = $f->press();

and now

POST $req;
can you deconstruct $req into it's parts and use them? ugly, but it may
save you the full url issues.
Probably. If it's an HTTP::Request object, it should be doable. I just
wasn't sure whether the idea would be supported at all, before spending
any more time on it.

Here it is:

Index: lib/Apache/TestRequest.pm
--- lib/Apache/TestRequest.pm (revision 585204)
+++ lib/Apache/TestRequest.pm (working copy)
@@ -200,6 +200,13 @@
my $url = shift;
Carp::croak("no url passed") unless defined $url;

+ # is a request object?
+ if (ref $url eq 'HTTP::Request') {
+ # dig out the uri portion and resolve it
+ $url->uri(resolve_url($url->uri));
+ return $url;
+ }
return $url if $url =~ m,^(\w+):/,;
$url = "/$url" unless $url =~ m,^/,;

@@ -473,7 +480,7 @@
sub lwp_call {
my($name, $shortcut) = (shift, shift);

- my $r = (\&{$name})->(@_);
+ my $r = ($_[0] && ref $_[0]) ? $_[0] : (\&{$name})->(@_);

Carp::croak("$name(@_) didn't return a response object") unless $r;

With the patch below the basic thing works. The issues I've encountered
so far:
- requiring full url, since Apache::TestRequest won't expand it for you)
- redirects aren't handled
- doesn't seem to work with shortcuts like POST_BODY

The patch simply gives another functionality to the $url argument to any
of the public methods in Apache::TestRequest, to allow an object to be
passed in addition to the string url.

I'm not sure whether it's worth trying to add this functionality, or
just have the test create its own $UA.
yeah, that's the thing. the patch is simple enough, and provided it
does't break antything it should be fine. but, really, what is probably
more useful is for us to figure out how to get the magic of TestRequest
working well with other interesting LWP classes like mech,
HTTP::Request::Form, etc
Yup. I'm now trying to make it work with: HTTP::Request::Form
glad to see you back with us :)

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